Municipal Services

Air Resources SearchA search to determine if Department of Air Resources violations exist. This report includes the current status of fuel burning and compacting equipment.
Bankruptcy SearchA search of available, computerized Federal Bankruptcy Court records of both individual and corporate names. Also available: copies of Bankruptcy Dockets & Proceedings and copy of the report showing status and /or discharge.
Certificate of Occupancy SearchA copy of the last Certificate of Occupancy of record, plus any subsequent plans filed, that either change or propose to change the legal use of the premise.
Final SurveyCopy of Final Survey obtained at the Department of Buildings.
Fire Department SearchA report showing violations of record with the Fire Department Central Files. A report showing violations of record with the local Fire Department.
Flood ZoneA report of the flood zone in which a parcel lies and whether or not flood insurance is required based upon F.E.M.A. Maps.
Fuel Oil SearchA search of Fire Department records for an existing Fuel Oil Permit, including the permit number, capacity of the tank and status of the annual fee, if any.
Health SearchA search of New York City or local County records for health code violations.
Highway Violation SearchA search to determine if sidewalk violations exist. Reports include date of notice of violation and violation numbers(s) if available.
Housing and Building SearchA search of Housing Department and Building Department records for all pending violations of the local building code and the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.
Landmark SearchA search of the Landmark Preservation Commission Records to determine whether a site is a designated landmark and if there are any pending violations.
Sewer SearchIn Long Island: This search indicates whether or not the property is located within a Municipal Sewer District. If it is located in a Sewer District, additional information is provided
Street Maintenance Search (NYC)A determination of street maintenance responsibility; public or private.
Street Report (NYC)A status report of legal street opening and the dimensions of said street.
Survey InspectionAn on-site inspection to determine any apparent physical changes not shown on survey provided
United States Patriot Name SearchA search of the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List.
Zoning ReportZoning Classification of a parcel and a brief description of said classification.
Emergency Repair SearchA search of municipal records which would show any repairs or services provided to said property of an emergency nature where property owner was negligent in responding. The cost of repairs or services provided are the This search should be continued to the date of closing.responsibility of the record owner and, if not paid, will become a lien.

Tax Services

Tax SearchA search of local and county tax records to determine the current status of taxes due or paid and the existence of tax liens.
Tax ContinuationA search of local records to check if any new taxes or payments have been issued up to the time of closing.
Tax BillsA copy of the current tax bill and or current water bill will be supplied upon request. We will deliver tax and water payments to the appropriate agencies.